To make your measurements as precise as possible, round the narrowest of the three measurements down to the nearest ⅛”. This will be the final width measurement for the blinds. When selecting a film width and length be certain to allow approximately 1″ of additional film to each dimension to allow for trimming during installation. Be sure to measure wide enough to cover the entire window and provide maximum light coverage. Production department will make the necessary deductions to ensure the blind/shade fits inside your window. Sew4Home is dedicated to stylish home sewing – from bags to blankets, pillows to linens, aprons, gifts, accessories, and more.

  • The main advantage of Snagit is that you can use it for professional work and this application also provides you with the features that are needed in remote or office work.
  • So, these are the five best Windows 10 tools to capture long scrolling screenshots.
  • Click the picture on the right to watch a video of our installation process.

Add ten inches to that measurement, and an additional two inches for up to each additional ten inches of frame width. Look at the chart to find your window’s range and add the specified number of inches to the width, and that will be the width of the rod you need. It is best to mount the rods so that the top of the draperies is at least four inches above the top of the window or molding. However, you may not have that much space, or you may be installing curtains inside an alcove that does not allow a lot of room. The height of the installation does not affect the rod’s width.

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Scroll down through the window to make sure that you captured all of the screenshots that you wanted to save. In Windows 8, simply start download logilda_dll here typing snipping tool while on the Start screen and select it from the Search results. An image of the window will be copied to the clipboard. The dimensions of the image will be determined by the size of the window when the screenshot is captured.You will not receive any confirmation that the screenshot has been taken.

You can change the types of pen, color, crop the image. Save the image as automatic saving is not its feature. This one is not used so much but is easy for pasting in other applications. Just hit Windows + Shift + S keys and the background will be blurred until you take a screenshot.

Take A Screenshot Of Part Of Your Screen

Moreover, you can click the copy button in the Snipping Tool window for copying the image on your clipboard. So, by using this shortcut, you can take as many screenshots as you want. However, where is your computer system saving all these screenshots? To find them, navigate through the Pictures folder and look out for the Screenshots subfolder.


If you do not want to edit the screenshot, you can use the Win Key + PrtSc or Win Key + Fn + PrtSc key on your keyboard. Once you press these keys Windows will dim the screen for a fraction of second and will capture and save the screenshot. The screenshots are saved in User/Pictures/Screenshots. If you add an extra key, you can turn the Print Screen output into an image file that you can save for later or share with others. Simply press the Windows key and then the Print Screen key and you will see your screen flash briefly as it captures your screenshot. Next, open your Pictures library and you will find a folder called Screenshots.